About Us

The global business and communications environment continues to evolve, and it takes a dynamic and agile methodology to remain at the forefront.

Royce’s success bears testimony to the fact that we know how to continually re-invent ourselves to remain at the cutting edge of high level corporate advisory.

Royce’s methodology today focuses on three pillars : Analytics. Strategy. Solutions.

Sound business practice is about knowing what works and what doesn’t. It’s about understanding your business, finding the patterns in your market, understanding them, getting to the core of what your challenges are and applying this understanding to support your decision making processes.


Analytics helps us to optimise the analysis of data and to fit it to real world applications. It means a highly scientific approach to intuitively emotive problems.

Most importantly, analytics means that we begin to build solid communications with a firm grasp of your operating environment and a comprehensive understanding of all the variables at play.


Strategy means considering the long term when dealing with the short term. No communications activity should start without a strategy.

Strong strategic thinking enables successful development of tactics. Issues and opportunities do not occur in a vacuum; the bigger picture view is always important.

Our strategies are built on best practice models, validated by empirical evidence, and tailored with practical experience.


Clients come to us looking for answers to important questions for their business. How should we position ourselves? How do we manage this issue? How do we best tell our story? How can we influence our audience? Royce is in the business of providing solutions to these questions.

We provide communications solutions that allow you to get back to business, improve your brand, reputation or to simply get your message across.